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Anatomy Of The Face
Ryan Kingslien

In this workshop, Ryan Kingslien, an expert in sculpting human anatomy, is going to guide you through the process of creating an accurate human head, including eyes and ears! You'll start with the basic shape and structure of the skull, then move on to the intricate musculature of the face, and finish it off with a realistic layer of flesh.

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The 5 most important lessons:

  1. Understand the complex skeletal structure of human facial anatomy.
  2. How to properly sculpt skull proportions for realistic faces.
  3. Accurately sculpt human facial muscles to stunning and realistic effect.
  4. Take your anatomy knowledge to the next level by fully understanding facial creation and expression process.
  5. How to project skin for final detailing.
Course Outline
Project 1 : Anatomy Of The Face
27 Lectures
Lecture 3  09:29
Skull Shape
Lecture 4  10:27
Facial Grid
Lecture 5  14:45
Lecture 6  10:54
Lecture 7  20:22
Inner Eye
Lecture 8  06:44
Lecture 9  09:37
Upper Brow
Lecture 10  09:56
Lecture 11  19:49
Lecture 12  16:16
Lecture 13  17:12
Forensic Markers Explained
Lecture 14  10:13
Placing Forensic Markers
Lecture 15  10:09
Forensic Expressions
Lecture 16  17:25
Brow Muscles
Lecture 17  17:46
Obicularis Oris
Lecture 18  08:23
Lip Thickness
Lecture 19  08:37
Mouth Overview
Lecture 20  19:01
Mouth Muscles
Lecture 21  10:20
Jaw Muscles
Lecture 22  19:35
Lecture 23  07:58
Anatomy Eye Ball
Lecture 24  12:22
Obicularis Oculi 1
Lecture 25  09:16
Obicularis Oculi 2
Lecture 26  17:51
Basic Ear
Lecture 27  21:21
Project Skin
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About the instructor

Ryan studied traditional art in the certificate program at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, earned his degree in being a poor poet at Antioch University, and picked up digital art tools in the certificate program at The Gnomon School of Visual Effects. In 2004, he became the very first Product Manager for ZBrush at Pixologic where he worked with programmers and artists to fuse traditional and digital art processes. To put it another way, he's the guy who put the Rake brush in ZBrush. While at Pixologic, he consulted with industry heavy hitters such as ILM, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Bungie Studios, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts to integrate digital sculpting into their production pipelines. Ryan is busy teaching the world to sculpt through his company YouSculpt LLC and their training site