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Animal Sculpting: Dogs and Chimps
Mohammad Modarres

Learn from Mohammed Modarres as he walks you through his sculpting techniques for both Dogs and Chimps.

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The 5 most important lessons:

  1. Understanding how to sculpt accurate forms and facial features of dogs.
  2. How to use CT Scana data to sculpt chimps to stunning detail.
  3. Create custom brushes for hair.
  4. Understanding dynamic posing for realistic looks.
  5. Using advanced polypainting techniques to produce stunning work.
Course Outline
Project 1 : Sculpting a French Bulldog
Introduce yourself to sculpting animals by sculpting a small dog
7 Lectures
Lecture 4  13:04
Working on Tighter Areas Of Your Sculpt
Lecture 5  19:39
Sculpting the Facial Features Of The Dog
Lecture 6  25:09
Adding Details
Lecture 7  04:19
Adding Colors and Materials To Your Sculpt
Project 2 : Sculpting a Chimp
Use reference and CT Scan data to sculpt a chimp
9 Lectures
Lecture 1  26:16
Blocking Out the Head
Lecture 2  20:40
Evaluating your Reference and Adjusting Your Sculpt
Lecture 3  31:51
Adding Details To Your Sulpt
Lecture 4  32:19
Detailing the Hands
Lecture 5  34:04
Adjusting the Overall Shape and Refining Forms
Lecture 6  03:32
Finding and Using Scan-Data
Lecture 7  13:33
Refining the Hands
Lecture 8  09:32
Blocking Out The Feet
Lecture 9  07:08
Refining the Feet
Project 3 : Sculpting Hair on the Chimp
Mohammad teaches you his hair sculpting techniques
11 Lectures
Lecture 1  14:50
Laying out The Flow Of The Hair
Lecture 2  10:39
Sculpting the Hair
Lecture 3  13:03
Adding Longer Strands Of Hair
Lecture 4  14:52
Creating Bunches Of Hair
Lecture 5  11:51
Making Adjustments
Lecture 6  05:06
Hair Brushes
Lecture 7  12:50
Detailing The Face
Lecture 8  13:21
Poly-Painting the Body
Lecture 9  05:54
Poly-Painting The Eyes
Lecture 10  17:06
Posing The Chimp
Lecture 11  01:37
The Completed Chimp
Student Projects

About the instructor

Mohammad Modarres is a character artist and digital modeler currently working as a freelance digital sculptor with McFarlane Toys on projects like Assassin Creed, the Walking Dead, Halo as well as some unannounced projects. He also has been an active part of Pixoligic’s zbrush beta tester team and has been published in 3d artist magazine for dynamic anatomy and zbrush workflow.