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Armor Creation in ZBrush
Nicolas Garilhe

Find out Nicolas' highly refined process for creating detailed armor in ZBrush

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The 5 most important lessons:

  1. Learn how to effectively block out a readable concept from start to finish.
  2. How to create detailed accessories for stunning armor.
  3. Understand how to properly utilize insert mesh brushes to produce immaculate detail.
  4. Learn how to control and execute Fiber-Mesh.
  5. Understand the fundamental landmarks of the human face.
Course Outline
Project 1 : Armor Creation in ZBrush
21 Lectures
Lecture 2  24:47
Refining the Helmet Shape
Lecture 3  24:24
Creating the Front Details
Lecture 4  26:36
Creating the Rear Details
Lecture 5  20:12
Sculpting the Wolf Head
Lecture 6  23:19
Applying Final Details
Lecture 7  23:26
Creating Insert Mesh Brushes
Lecture 8  23:50
Applying the Insert Mesh Brush and Adding Fur to Sides
Lecture 9  29:22
Adding Fur to the Front and Top
Lecture 10  13:59
Sculpting Wear and Tear
Lecture 11  33:34
Refining the Top Shoulder Pad
Lecture 12  26:25
Refining the Mid Shoulder Pad
Lecture 13  22:30
Creating Insert Mesh Brush for Mid Shoulder Pad
Lecture 14  20:08
Refining the Lower Shoulder Pad And Chest Piece
Lecture 15  29:21
Using Insert Mesh Brushes On the Chest Piece
Lecture 16  19:04
Adding the Wolf to the Chest Piece
Lecture 17  24:38
Refining Body Plates
Lecture 18  22:41
Using Insert Mesh Brushes On the Body Plates Part 1
Lecture 19  18:45
Using Insert Mesh Brushes On the Body Plates Part 2
Lecture 20  22:01
Refining the Sleeves
Lecture 21  22:13
Sculpting the Head
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About the instructor

Nicolas Garilhe (aka Guedin) currently works as a Character Artist at Gameloft Montréal. He has been a Beta Tester for Pixologic's ZBrush and was given an Award of Excellence while studying 3D Modeling at Campus Ubisoft in Montréal, Québec. Nicolas has also had some of his most impressive artwork, along with a 4-page tutorial, featured in 3D Artist magazine.