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Clothing Design For Games
Christopher Brändström

Learn how to use Marvelous Designer in conjunction with Maya and ZBrush to create a game ready model with realistic clothing.

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The 5 most important lessons:

  1. Understand basic and advanced techniques for creating highly realistic clothing in Marvelous Designer.
  2. Clean up meshes from Marvelous Designer to Zbrush and retopologize in Topogun.
  3. Efficiently UV meshes and bake out clean texture maps .
  4. How to utilize Quixel's dDo to create stunning texture maps for characters and clothing.
  5. Use Marmoset Toolbag for professional renders of game ready models.
Course Outline
Project 1 : Creating Clothing in Marvelous Designer
7 Lectures | 1 Assignment
Lecture 3  17:08
Marvelous Designer: Creating the Pants Part 2 Time Lapse No Audio
Lecture 4  04:55
Marvelous Designer: Using Morph Targets Vs Geometry Caches In Marvelous Designer
Lecture 5  14:52
Marvelous Designer: Simulating the Pants
Lecture 6  19:48
Marvelous Designer: Creating the Hoodie
Lecture 7  06:27
Marvelous Designer: Simulating the Hoodie
Assignment 1: Begin Designing Your Own Set of Clothing
Project 2 : Touching Up Mesh From Marvelous Designer in Maya and ZBrush
Bringing a mesh into ZBrush and Maya from Marvelous Designer for cleanup and enhancements.
5 Lectures | 1 Assignment
Lecture 1  21:43
ZBrush & Maya: Converting Tries to Quads
Lecture 2  16:57
Marvelous Designer: Making Custom Seams
Lecture 3  03:39
ZBrush: Creating a Seam Brush
Lecture 4  18:17
ZBrush: Adjusting The Clothing Part 1
Lecture 5  26:31
ZBrush: Adjusting The Clothing Part 2
Assignment 2: Clean Up your Clothing In ZBrush
Project 3 : Re-topology in Topogun
Retopoing the high resolution model in Topogun.
5 Lectures | 1 Assignment
Lecture 1  24:22
Topogun: Overview
Lecture 2  20:50
Topogun: Retopoing Part 1
Lecture 3  18:43
Topogun: Retopoing Part 2
Lecture 4  22:42
Topogun: Retopoing Part 3
Lecture 5  13:33
Topogun: Retopoing Part 4
Assignment 3: Retopologize your Model
Project 4 : Using UV Layout and Baking Out Texture Maps
Creating UVs in UV Layout and baking out texture maps in Topogun and Maya.
6 Lectures | 1 Assignment
Lecture 1  19:10
UV Layout: Overview Part 1
Lecture 2  18:33
UV Layout: Overview Part 2
Lecture 3  11:08
UV Layout: The Hoodie
Lecture 4  33:42
Maya: Baking Normals
Lecture 5  12:47
Topogun: Baking AO
Lecture 6  10:09
Hexels: Overview
Assignment 4: Create UVs and Bake Out Maps
Project 5 : Texturing in dDo and Rendering in Marmoset Toolbag 2
Using dDo to generate texture maps and rendering in Marmoset Toolbag 2.
5 Lectures | 1 Assignment
Lecture 1  20:30
dDo: Overview Part 1
Lecture 2  18:27
dDo: Overview Part 2
Lecture 3  17:44
dDo: Texturing the Clothing
Lecture 4  21:02
Marmoset Toolbag 2: Rendering Part 1
Lecture 5  18:37
Marmoset Toolbag 2: Rendering Part 2
Assignment 5: Create the Rest of your Textures in dDo and Render in Marmoset
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About the instructor

Christopher Brändström is currently working as a full time freelancer. Previously, he worked for Framestore in London as a Concept Artist on several Hollywood feature films and commercials like Wrath of the Titans, World War Z, All You Need is Kill, RIPD naming a few. Besides working with movies and commercials, he has worked with games for more than 10 years on platforms like PSP, PS2, PS3, XBOX, XBOX 360 and Windows. He has worked on titles such as Battlefield Bad Company, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Mirror’s Edge and Need for Speed.