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Concept Design 3.0 with Gurmukh Bhasin
gurmukh bhasin

A new course on 3D concept design that takes you further than mere kitbashing!

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Deep dive into hyper realistic and fully functional environments with Gurmukh in this 10 week live course.

The 5 most important lessons:

  1. Reference collection and thumbnail sketching
  2. 3D massing technique
  3. SubD modelling techniques in Maya
  4. How to use reference as design aid
  5. How to build for reality

Week 01: Introduction

  • Introduce Project - Single Seat Fighter Spaceship
  • Reference Collection
  • Thumbnail Sketches
  • Homework: 50 Silhouette Thumbnails Sketches & 50 Reference Images

Week 02: 3D massing techniques

  • 3D Massing Techniques
  • Designing To Actual Units & Human Scale
  • Homework: 3 Options Of Rough 3D Massing Spaceships

Week 03: SubD modelling techniques in Maya

  • Start Design Of Final Ship
  • SubD Modeling Techniques In Maya
  • How To Use Reference As Design Aid
  • Homework: Start Model & Design Of Final Ship. Complete Area 1 (e.g.¬†the wings)

Week 04: Build for reality - more modelling tools

  • More Modeling Tools: Lattice, Deformation, Etc.
  • Build For Reality
  • Homework: Complete Area 2 (e.g. the tail)

Week 05: More on Sub D toolset

  • More Modeling Tools: Focus on Sub D Toolset.
  • Homework: Complete Area 3 Of Final Model (e.g. the body)

Week 06: Special guidance session

  • Special Guidance Session To Assist Towards Final Goal
  • Homework: Continue Modeling and Designing and Complete Another Area (e.g doors and landing gear)

Week 07: Finishing up the interiors

  • Interiors, Cockpit, and Relations To Human Scale
  • Homework:Continue Modeling and Designing and Complete Another Area (e.g.¬†weapons)

Week 08: Keyshot

  • Transferring Models To Keyshot
  • Materials & Lighting In Keyshot
  • Homework: Render Out Ship Designs

Week 09: Final render

  • Final Touches In Photoshop
  • Compositing Render Passes
  • Adding Dirt, Blending & FX
  • Homework: Photoshop Compositing For Final Images

Week 10: Final review

  • Final Review
  • Homework: Ship Design & Final Presentation Critique
Student Projects

About the instructor

Gurmukh Bhasin is an architectural designer turned DIGITAL 3D CONCEPT ARTIST, who currently hails from Los Angeles. His addiction to adventure and all that is creative, was fostered at a young age -- boarding school in India, architecture school in Arizona, and skateboarding through the streets of Barcelona, by way of graduate school at the Southern California Institute of Architecture [sciARC]. Gurmukh's work draws significantly from his life experiences, and provides a constant source of inspiration as he continues to explore the seemingly untapped intersections between reality and imagination. While immersing himself in the professional realm of architecture for many years, Gurmukh discovered that his true passion lied in digital art and design. Essentially, a self-taught digital artist, his method and aesthetic is unique in that it draws from his background in architectural design. Using tools such as Maya and other 3D modeling systems early on in his design development process, Gurmukh is constantly examining new ways to merge traditional and contemporary digital art techniques when creating surreal and often times un-earthly environments, architecture, vehicles, and props. A self-proclaimed "eternal student," Gurmukh sees great potential in the future of digital art and design. He hopes that his undying curiosity and enthusiasm to seek out what lies beyond the bounds of his current expertise will ensure that he gets an opportunity to play a significant role in the realm of digital art and design.