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Creating Sci-Fi Worlds
Simon Fetscher
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The 5 most important lessons:

  1. Rapidly create a scenic fiction environment using a variety of basic and advanced techniques in Photoshop.
  2. Develop visually stunning space ships by adding and modifying detail.
  3. How to add believable and compelling detail for an overall realistic look.
  4. Paint stunning clouds, exhaust effects, and water to bring out the most in future paintings.
  5. Fully understand the professional development process of creating an environment concept.
Course Outline
Project 1 : Finding Reference and Creating a Mountain Scene
Begin building your world with reference
6 Lectures
Lecture 3  15:01
Blocking in and adding Details to the Ship
Lecture 4  12:23
Creating Cloads and the second Mountain
Lecture 5  16:57
Adjusting the Shape and Value of the Mountains
Lecture 6  17:32
Placing in the Background Mountains and Shrubury
Project 2 : Creating and Detailing Spaceships
Unleash your creativity and create some interesting spaceships
5 Lectures
Lecture 1  15:17
Placing in Streams and Adding Clouds
Lecture 2  10:40
Creating the Fighter Ship
Lecture 3  18:14
Detailing the Fighter Ship
Lecture 4  18:20
Modifying and Adding to the Design of Both Ships
Lecture 5  12:29
Adding Engineering Details to the Main Ship
Project 3 : Creating Believe-ability in Detail
Sell your painting by creating great detail
6 Lectures
Lecture 1  16:00
Adding Engineering Details to the Fighter Ships
Lecture 2  10:49
Placing more Functional Details on the Ships
Lecture 3  14:47
Adding Water Details to the Mountains
Lecture 4  14:47
Placing Finer Details on the Main Ship
Lecture 5  18:10
Inserting new Panels on the Main Ship
Lecture 6  15:54
Adding Highlights
Project 4 : Finishing the Painting
Use these techniques to add an awesome finish to your piece.
7 Lectures
Lecture 1  13:44
Laying in a Background Ship
Lecture 2  12:44
Creating Flying Creatures
Lecture 3  16:38
Creating Moons, Cloads and Exhaust Effects
Lecture 4  16:38
Adding a Cliff Face and another Layer of Detail to the Main Ship
Lecture 5  07:12
Placing in more Water Details
Lecture 6  15:55
Adding Exhaust Trails
Lecture 7  08:03
Completing the Painting
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About the instructor

Simon is a self-taught concept artist from Gothenburg, Sweden, where he works as a freelancer in the entertainment industry. He's been working on a number of Indie game titles and short films, though still in the beginning of his career. Almost everything He knows about art and design he's learned from tutorials, listening to professionals and watching the world around him. He's super passionate about science-fiction and enjoys designing everything from characters to environments.