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Creating Stylized Game Weapons
Kyle Sarvas

In this course, Kyle Sarvas goes over his process and techniques on creating a stylized weapon for video games!

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In this on-demand course, Kyle Sarvas will show you how to create visually impactful and dynamic stylized weapons for video-games. Using ZBrush, Maya and 3DCoat you learn the ins and outs of game asset production through multiple 3D editing platforms to stunning effect.

The 5 most important lessons:

  1. How to analyze concepts and plan out the creation of an asset
  2. Fundamental hard surface modeling techniques
  3. Various sculpting techniques in ZBrush such as Mesh Extraction and Mesh Clipping
  4. How to bake clean Normal maps and AO maps in XNormal
  5. An effective workflow for creating stylized hand-painted texture maps in 3DCoat
Course Outline
Project 1 : Concept And Block In

Key Takeaways

  • Analyzing the Concept
  • Blocking out the Weapon in Maya
  • Importing the Low Poly Model into ZBrush and preparing the model for sculpting

2 Lectures
Lecture 1  14:06
Analyzing The Concept
Lecture 2  17:00
Creating The Low Polygon Base Mesh In Maya
Project 2 : Sculpting Forms

Key Takeaways

  • Sculpting the secondary forms of the concept in ZBrush
  • Sculpting exaggerated cracks, dings, cuts, etc.
  • Exporting the Decimated sculpt for retopology

3 Lectures
Lecture 1  17:22
Sculpting The Secondary Forms In ZBrush Part 1
Lecture 2  18:33
Sculpting The Secondary Forms In ZBrush Part 2
Lecture 3  19:16
Sculpting The Details In ZBrush
Project 3 : Retopology And Baking

Key Takeaways

  • Refining the Low Polygon Model in Maya
  • Creating the UVs in Maya
  • Creating the Normal map in XNormal
  • Creating the AO map in XNormal
  • Setting up the Diffuse map in Photoshop by utilizing th e AO map from XNormal
  • Setting up the model in 3D Coat

3 Lectures
Lecture 1  17:40
Retopology In Maya
Lecture 2  17:55
Creating The UVMap In Maya
Lecture 3  19:36
Creating The Normal Map And Occlusion Map In XNormal
Project 4 : Texturing And Rendering

Key Takeaways

  • Creating the final Diffuse map in 3D Coat
  • Creating the Specular map in Photoshop
  • Evaluating the asset in Marmoset
  • Finishing Touches

6 Lectures
Lecture 1  19:06
Creating The Color Map In 3DCoat Part 1
Lecture 2  15:08
Creating The Color Map In 3DCoat Part 2
Lecture 4  19:59
Creating The Specular Map In Photoshop
Lecture 5  18:43
Rendering In Marmoset
Lecture 6  03:25
Assignment Brief
Student Projects
Who should take this course?
This is an intermediate level course. As such, a basic understanding of 3D modeling is recommended.
Can I download the lectures?
Absolutely. You have lifetime access to all your course content, which includes both streaming and downloadable course video lectures.

About the instructor

Kyle Sarvas always had an immense passion and drive to create high quality art for games. To begin his career as a game artist, he decided to first study Illustration at Rhode Island School of design to gain a strong foundation in fine arts and visual communication. Upon graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, Kyle then went on to work for Curt Schilling’s game company, 38 Studios. At 38 Studios Kyle had the opportunity to work with world class talent on an MMORPG codenamed Copernicus. One of Kyle’s main responsibilities as a Character Artist at 38 Studios was to create many of the weapons that would be used in the game. After creating a library of weapon assets, Kyle gained quite the specialized skillset for creating Stylized Game Weapons. Kyle currently stays busy by working for various independent game studios, VFX studios, or his own game that he has been developing.