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Creature Design For Films: Revealing Creatures
Jared Krichevsky

Take your creature to the next level and learn professional level creature concepting techniques with Jared Krichevsky during this all new 6-week course!

Class starts May 2nd at 2pm PDT

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In this 6 module course, Jared Krichevsky will show you his professional methods for sculpting, texturing, posing and rendering high-impact creatures. You'll learn how to use Jared's intermediate and advanced digital sculpting techniques to develop next-level monsters with unforgettable, jaw-dropping "reveal" moments.

The 5 most important lessons:

  1. How to push your creature designs further
  2. Thinking about that cinematic reveal -- your character's defining moment
  3. Techniques for sculpting high frequency details in ZBrush
  4. How to sculpt a variety of skin textures and surfaces, including Hard Shells and Soft Tissues
  5. Professional tips for presenting your creature designs
Course Outline
Project 1 : Transforming the Head

Covered Topics:

  • Sculpting Creatures for the reveal
  • Creating Head Busts and Transformations
12 Lectures
Lecture 1
Class Full Replay
Lecture 2  11:33
Reference Preparation
Lecture 3  17:15
Move Brush & Transpose to Blockout
Lecture 4  24:53
Silhouette Blockout with Clay Buildup
Lecture 5  15:42
Shaping the Anatomy - Part 1
Lecture 6  17:28
Shaping the Anatomy - Part 2
Lecture 7  25:26
Refining the Chest, Limbs & Appendages
Lecture 8  14:50
Progressing the Head Further
Lecture 9  08:40
Using DyanaMesh Groups to Split
Lecture 10  14:20
Split: Chest & Face
Lecture 11  11:12
Split: Jaw & Neck
Lecture 12  16:06
Refining the "Open Position"
Project 2 : Texturing the Bust

Covered Topics:

  • Completing the head
  • UV's and Textures
11 Lectures
Lecture 1
5/9 Full Session
Lecture 2  19:15
Recapping Last Class
Lecture 3  08:24
Inserting Esophagus with CurveTube
Lecture 4  10:46
Creating an InsertMesh Brush for Intestines
Lecture 5  21:15
Adding Details & Teeth to Esophagus
Lecture 6  15:50
Splitting & Merging Pieces in Reveal Position
Lecture 7  07:48
ZRemeshing, Polygrouping & Projecting
Lecture 8  16:36
Detailing with Layers
Lecture 9  22:02
Using Layers to Transition: Open & Closed
Lecture 10  16:21
Adding Surface Detail: Breaking Symmetry - Part 1
Lecture 11  23:55
Adding Surface Detail: Discussing Progression - Part 2
Project 3 : Posing & Rendering

Covered Topics:

  • Using Layers to pose
  • Rendering side by side
1 Lectures
Lecture 1
5/16 Full Session
Project 4 : Body Blockout

Covered Topics:

  • Blocking out a full body for our creatures
1 Lectures
Lecture 1
5/23 Full Session
Project 5 : The Details

Covered Topics:

  • Completing the full body
  • Sculpting high frequency details
1 Lectures
Lecture 1
5/30 Full Session
Project 6 : Creature Transformation

Covered Topics:

  • Transforming our creatures
  • Rendering out side by sides
1 Lectures
Lecture 1
6/6 Full Session
Student Projects
Who should take this course?
This is an intermediate level course. As such, a basic understanding of ZBrush is recommended.
Can I download the lectures?
Absolutely. You have lifetime access to all your course content, which includes both streaming and downloadable course videos.

About the instructor

Jared Krichevsky’s inclination for creating characters was evident from a very young age. He began putting pen to paper at the tender age of five years old. In 2010, he graduated from the CG certificate program at Gnomon and accepted a position at The Aaron Sims Company where he currently works as a CG Generalist and Designer. Jared is also faculty at Gnomon School of Visual Effects, facilitating tutelage of creature design and ZBrush. Jared’s work has been featured in 3D Artist magazine, as well as such Internet portals as Artstation,, and His expanding list of credits include The Wolverine, Maleficent, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Jupiter Ascending, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as the lauded short film Archetype.