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Creature Sculpting with Peter Konig
Peter Konig

Peter Konig walks you through his process for creating a creature maquette in ZBrush.

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The 5 most important lessons:

  1. Learn Peter's creature creation process from start to finish.
  2. Create a fully detailed creature through simple and complex techniques.
  3. Learn the multiple techniques to produce detailed skin and folds.
  4. Understand how to polypaint your creature through a layering based system.
  5. Professionally render and pose your creation for your portfolio.
Course Outline
Project 1 : Creature Sculpting with Peter Konig
Peter Konig takes you through his entire creature sculpting, painting, and rendering process from start to finish.
22 Lectures
Lecture 2  19:26
Refining the Initial Block Out
Lecture 3  28:18
First Pass Anotomical Detail
Lecture 4  21:55
Sculpting The Arms and Legs
Lecture 5  21:06
Sculpting the Feet and Fitting the Body Segments Together
Lecture 6  20:38
Sculpting the Torso, Face, and Cleaning Up the Arms
Lecture 7  20:20
Cleaning Up the Arms and Legs
Lecture 8  20:39
Sculpting the Arms and Adjusting the Helmet
Lecture 9  14:56
Sculpting the Legs and Adjusting the Hands
Lecture 10  14:56
Further Adjusting the Hands, Sculpting the Helmet, and Face
Lecture 11  21:02
Detailing the Arms Part 1
Lecture 12  19:19
Detailing the Arms Part 2
Lecture 13  21:15
Detailing the Legs Part 1
Lecture 14  18:17
Detailing the Legs Part 2
Lecture 15  21:07
Detailing the Torso Part 1
Lecture 16  19:44
Detailing the Torso Part 2
Lecture 17  16:59
Detailing the Helmet
Lecture 18  15:14
Detailing the Helmet Part 2 and Detailing the Head
Lecture 19  20:20
Painting the Base Coat and Creating Definition
Lecture 20  19:54
Layering Paint Part 1
Lecture 21  20:48
Layering Paint Part 2
Lecture 22  18:57
Posing and Rendering
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About the instructor

Peter Konig is a Concept Artist and Art Director for the film and games industries as well as a fine artist. He is a senior artist with the wide range of experience and skill that can only come with a career spanning nearly 25 years. He is credited in over 30 films and many high profile game projects.