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Digital Art In Paleontology
Tyler Keillor

Master the cutting edge technology and professional sculpting techniques used to reconstruct ancient dinosaurs with Tyler Keillor!

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In this 2-day immersive course, Tyler Keillor will introduce traditional and digital artists to the digital artistry and technology used in paleontology, and teach you to sculpt accurate dinosaur models for museums.

The 5 most important lessons:

  1. Understanding the advantages that digital skill sets offer to paleontology
  2. Knowing the differences in art goals between science and entertainment
  3. Case study demo with actual paleo specimens
  4. Student project utilizing a fossil scan
  5. Plus an insider view of the field and job options
Course Outline
Project 1 : Day 1 - Paleo-Art & Digital Restoration Of Dinosaur Skeletons

Covered Topics:

  • Paleo-Art Defined & How Artists Play A Role In Paleontology
  • Types Of Digitization & Its Use In Paleontology
  • Types Of Artistic/Technical Reconstruction Work In Paleontology
  • Digital Skull/Skeletal Restoration
2 Lectures
Lecture 1
Paleo-Art & Digital Restoration Of Dinosaurs - Part 1
Lecture 2
Paleo-Art & Digital Restoration Of Dinosaurs - Part 2
Project 2 : Day 2 - Challenges & Digital Reconstruction Of Dinosaur Flesh

Covered Topics:

  • Finding References (Extinct & Extant) & Understanding How To Apply Them
  • Accepting The Unknowns In Paleontology, Speculation & Unexpected Discoveries
  • Digital Flesh Reconstruction
2 Lectures
Lecture 1
Challenges & Digital Reconstruction Of Dinosaur Flesh - Part 1
Lecture 2
Challenges & Digital Reconstruction Of Dinosaur Flesh - Part 2
Project 3 : Critique Session
1 Lectures
Lecture 1
Critique April 2015
Student Projects

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What are the requirements?
You will be connected to audio using your computer's microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended. System Requirements: Windows(R) 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server; Mac OS(R) X 10.6 or newer; iPhone(R), iPad(R), Android(TM) phone or Android tablet Read our Audio Checklist for tips on using your computer's microphone and speakers with GoToWebinar at
Who should take this course?
This is an introductory level course. As such, no prior experience or training is necessary.
What if I miss one of the live sessions?
No need to worry. We realize that not everyone is able to make it to a scheduled meeting with the instructor. That’s why we record all live sessions and post them on the course platform, along with all your other course materials. It’s all there for you to access whenever you like!
Can I download the lectures?
Absolutely. You have lifetime access to all your course content, which includes both streaming and downloadable course video lectures.

About the instructor

Tyler Keillor has been preparing fossils, creating skeletal restorations, and sculpting flesh reconstructions of prehistoric life at the University of Chicago and other institutions since 2001. Tyler's sculptures have reanimated many new discoveries, and have won the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology's Lanzendorf PaleoArt Prize. A life-long love of natural history, and a mission to combine art and science, have driven Tyler as he continues to create paleontological reconstructions for researchers, museums, exhibitions, publishers, filmmakers, and collectors around the world.