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Drawing on Toned Paper
Rey Bustos

Learn how to draw on toned paper with Rey Bustos. Each lesson is jam packed with tips from Rey on anatomy, rendering, and layout.

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The 5 most important lessons:

  1. Understand the fundamentals of drawing on toned paper and the complex techniques surrounding it.
  2. Properly breakdown figure drawing by the old masters.
  3. Understand the fundamentals of foreshortening and facial anatomy.
  4. Accuracy draw a live model from start to finish by braking down values.
  5. Draw inverted figures using multiple techniques and anatomy.
Course Outline
Project 1 : Fundamentals Of Drawing On Toned Paper
Learn the tools and techniques you'll need to draw on toned paper
3 Lectures | 1 Assignment
Lecture 3  15:23
Shading More Complex Shapes
Assignment 1: Shading Simple Shapes and an Arm
Project 2 : Toned Drawing: Drawing the Figure in Contraposto
Rey draws a figure in contraposto from the old masters
5 Lectures | 1 Assignment
Lecture 1  07:30
Using Strokes to Define Forms
Lecture 2  16:27
Blocking in The Major Shapes
Lecture 3  19:01
Initial Shading Pass
Lecture 4  05:50
Adding Highlights
Assignment 2: Michelangelo Drawing
Lecture 5
Week 2 Resources
Project 3 : Toned Drawing: Drawing the Back (Pontormo)
Rey draws the male back from Pontormo
3 Lectures | 1 Assignment
Lecture 1  19:51
Blocking in Main Shapes and Shoulder Breakdown
Lecture 2  19:47
Defining Shapes with shading
Assignment 3: Pontormo Sketch
Lecture 3
Week 3 Resources
Project 4 : Toned Drawing: Drawing the Front (del Sarto)
Rey demonstrates drawing the torso from del Sarto
3 Lectures | 1 Assignment
Lecture 1  21:30
Blockout and Diuscussing Major Landmarks
Lecture 2  24:46
Defning Muscle Groups and Adding Highlights
Assignment 4: del Sarto Sketch
Lecture 3
Week 4 Resources
Project 5 : Toned Drawing: Fundamentals Of Foreshortening and Drawing the Head
Rey teaches the difficult subjects of foreshortening and drawing the head
5 Lectures | 1 Assignment
Lecture 1  19:40
Foreshortening Technique Breakdown
Lecture 2  18:28
Finishing Drawing 1 and Blocking In Drawing 2
Lecture 3  15:51
Head Breakdown and Initial Block In
Lecture 4  15:19
Finishing the Head
Assignment 5: Foreshortening Practice And Head Drawing
Lecture 5
Week 5 Resources
Project 6 : Toned Drawing: Drawing the Figure from Life
Rey interprets form from a livemodel
3 Lectures | 1 Assignment
Lecture 1  16:12
Value Breakdown and Blockout
Lecture 2  16:34
Finishing the Drawing
Assignment 6: Live Model Drawing
Lecture 3
Crit 1 Replay
Project 7 : Toned Drawing: Inventing Figures
Rey teaches how to use your anatomy knowledge to invent figures
4 Lectures | 1 Assignment
Lecture 1  19:47
Pose Breakdown and Blockout
Lecture 2  19:13
Adding Shadows and Highlights
Lecture 3  22:28
Pose Practicing
Assignment 7: Raphael Back Sketch and Posing Practice
Lecture 4
Week 7 Resources
Student Projects

About the instructor

Rey Bustos graduated as an illustrator with high honors from the Art Center College of Design in 1989 and was elected by the student body to be the student speaker at their graduation. Rey then went on to illustrate for many companies and magazines as well as having numerous fine art exhibits since 1990. He is currently represented by the San Marino Gallery in Pasadena. Rey has also been teaching since 1990 and is now considered one of the preeminent artistic anatomy teachers in the country. He is known for his lively and passionate lectures and his enthusiasm is very evident and contagious. Rey currently teaches at his Art Center College of Design and at universities and studio across Southern Californi. Rey teaches Analytical Figure Drawing, Drawing and Composition, 3D Anatomy/Ecorche, 2D Anatomy and a class that he created and is now required at the Art Center, Imaginatomy: An Anatomical Approach to Animal and Character Development.