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Female Face Sculpting with Steve Lord
Steve Lord
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Course Outline
Project 1 : Female Face Sculpting with Steve Lord
24 Lectures
Lecture 1
Class Resources
Lecture 4  17:27
Adjusting the Front
Lecture 5  21:35
Defining the Nose, Lips, and Eyes
Lecture 6  17:36
Refining the Muzzle
Lecture 7  18:52
Adding Eyes
Lecture 8  19:18
Fitting the Eyelids
Lecture 9  21:20
Definig the Neck Muscles
Lecture 10  17:19
Adjusting the Back of the Skull
Lecture 11  21:08
Refining the Cheeks and Lips
Lecture 12  16:27
Refining the Corners of the Nose and Neck
Lecture 13  23:32
Cleaning Up the Ears
Lecture 14  14:30
Creating Eye Lashes and Teeth
Lecture 15  14:42
Creating an Eye
Lecture 16  18:03
Creating an Eye Lens and Eyebrows
Lecture 17  23:32
Facial Muscle Review
Lecture 18  13:48
Adding Subtle Wrinkles
Lecture 19  25:10
Hair Sculpting Techniques
Lecture 20  16:52
Hair Block Out
Lecture 21  15:08
Carving out the Hair
Lecture 22  14:10
Skin Texturing
Lecture 23  07:52
Color Values
Lecture 24  11:24
Changing Facial Morphology
Student Projects

About the instructor

Steve Lord is an award winning artist, and has been sculpting professionally since the age of 19. He has done work for Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, Rhythm and Hues, Odd World Inhabitants and Frank Frazetta just to name a few. His work spans from public commissions, collectable companies, video games, and even fine art. He is a winner of the National Sculpture Society competition for young sculptors. He attended CalArts for animation and has apprenticed with renowned artists Dennis Anderson, Martine Vaugel and Don Gale . He currently works for McFarlane Toys creating highly realistic collectable figures. His passion extends to figurative sculpture, focusing on animals, drapery and human anatomy.