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Fundamentals Of Anatomy: Arm And Leg
Cesar Zambelli

Cesar blocks out arms and legs and describes the differences between genders

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What You Will Learn

In this Project, Cesar Zambelli shows you how to block out the arms and legs of your female figure sculpt, and describes more differences between male and female anatomy.
Course Outline
Project 1 : Fundamentals Of Anatomy: Arm And Leg
12 Lectures | 1 Assignment
Lecture 1  13:02
The Form of the Human Arm
Lecture 2  12:32
Adding Muscle Landmarks to the Forearm
Lecture 3  20:50
Giving Realistic Detail to the Forearm and Hand
Lecture 4  15:58
Adding Believeable Detail to the Hand
Lecture 5  22:03
Making the Anatomy Look Real
Lecture 6  03:05
Introduction and the Differences Between a Male and Female Arm
Lecture 7  21:15
Explaining and Blocking out the Form of the Leg
Lecture 8  16:52
Placing the Anatomical Landmarks of the Leg
Lecture 9  16:29
Adding Proper Volume to the Leg and Toes
Lecture 10  22:14
Sculpting Realstic Features on the Leg and Toes
Lecture 11  10:37
Finalizing Your Detail for the Leg
Lecture 12  05:47
Differences Between the Male and Female Leg
Assignment #2: Create Two Separate Arm and Leg Studies
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About the instructor

Cesar Zambelli is a freelance 3D modeler from Brazil, who has a particular talent for figure sculpting. He enjoys challenging himself to sculpt a diverse range of body types, both male and female. His work has been featured in several commercial projects, as well as on a number of CG-related websites, including an Artist Spotlight on When he's not busy sculpting in ZBrush, Cesar also enjoys expressing his creativity through photography.