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Hard Surface Sculpting In ZBrush
Tom Paul

Tom Paul demonstrate's his hard surface mech sculpting techniques in ZBrush.

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The 5 most important lessons:

  1. Understand Tom's legendary hard surface techniques and workflows.
  2. Rapidly produce highly detailed hard surface parts, like engines, gatling guns and more.
  3. Grasp the complex task of building a detailed mech from start to finish.
  4. Understand the fundamentals of mech and hard surface design.
  5. Easily create visually appealing looking through dynamic posing.
Course Outline
Project 1 : Hard Surface Sculpting In ZBrush
25 Lectures
Lecture 2  12:07
Basic Techniques
Lecture 3  06:20
Lecture 5  09:32
Creating Hydraulic Pistons
Lecture 6  16:38
Creating Hydraulic Parts
Lecture 7  07:03
Using the Decimation Master
Lecture 8  13:10
Creating Shock Absorbers
Lecture 9  10:06
Making the Lights
Lecture 10  33:40
Constructing the Joints
Lecture 11  19:28
Assembling the Missle Pod
Lecture 12  24:21
Creating the Gatling Gun System Part 1
Lecture 13  25:56
Creating the Gatling Gun System Part 2
Lecture 14  30:45
Making the Engine Part 1
Lecture 15  28:50
Making the Engine Part 2
Lecture 16  24:51
Assembling the Body
Lecture 17  14:54
Blocking Out the Legs
Lecture 18  41:06
Refining the Legs
Lecture 19  34:56
Refining the Feet
Lecture 20  26:00
Refining the Body
Lecture 21  23:55
Adding Tubes
Lecture 22  32:38
Final Detail Pass
Lecture 23  12:15
Decimating the Model
Lecture 24  07:48
Posing the Model
Lecture 25  00:43
Student Projects

About the instructor

Tom's super clean hard surface work has garnered him lots of attention in the artistic community. And he does all of his work in ZBrush! His unique workflow allows him to create highly polished, hard-surface mechs and weapons. Tom Paul is a great prospect in the world of 3D art.