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Head Sculpting for Games
Russell Barton

Russel creates a video game ready head sculpt rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2. He covers multiple methods for sculpting a head in ZBrush and texturing with Spotlight and Photoshop.

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The 5 most important lessons:

  1. Sculpt realistic male heads using fundamental and advanced techniques.
  2. Understand the primary forms of human anatomy and minimal details that can bring it to life.
  3. How to sculpt visually appealing hair and create hair plans for game ready models.
  4. Using multiple texture techniques, create highly developed albedo and spec maps.
  5. Understand professional render techniques in Marmoset Toolbag for a stunning real time render.
Course Outline
Project 1 : Sculpting a Head From An Existing Basemesh In ZBrush
Russell Shows how to sculpt a good head from a base mesh
8 Lectures | 1 Assignment
Lecture 1
Course Resources
Lecture 3  15:44
Making Large Adjustments
Lecture 4  14:35
Refinging the Mouth
Lecture 5  16:03
Injecting Character Traits
Lecture 6  13:46
Breaking Symmetry
Lecture 7  19:53
Adding Fine Details Part 1
Assignment 1: Create a Head from a Base Mesh
Project 2 : Sculpting a Head From a Sphere In ZBrush
Russell builds a head from scratch
8 Lectures | 1 Assignment
Lecture 1  14:06
Beginning the Head in Dynamesh
Lecture 2  18:12
Refining the Major Forms
Lecture 3  20:00
Continuing to Sculpt the Head
Lecture 4  15:50
Continuing to Refine Form and Sculpt the Ears
Lecture 5  20:27
Finalizing the Sculpt and Re-Topologizing
Lecture 6  13:24
UVing the Head
Lecture 7  15:46
Sculpting the Teeth and Gums
Lecture 8  18:42
Sculpting Hair and Creating Hair Planes
Assignment 2: Create a Head From a Dynamesh Sphere
Project 3 : Texturing A Head In ZBrush And Rendering In Marmoset
Use ZAppLink to texture your head and then render in real-time with Marmoset Toolbag 2
7 Lectures | 1 Assignment
Lecture 1  16:05
Prepping for ZApplink and Projecting the Sides of the Face
Lecture 2  14:04
Projecting the Front of the Face
Lecture 3  16:32
Projecting the Hair
Lecture 4  17:59
Creating Albedo and Spec Maps
Lecture 5  21:23
Generating Normal Maps and Hair Card Alphas
Lecture 6  17:07
Rendering in Marmoset 2 Part 1
Lecture 7  17:08
Rendering in Marmoset 2 Part 2
Assignment 3: Create Texture Maps and Render
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About the instructor

Russel Barton has seven years of industry experience creating characters at Electronic Arts. He has been responsible for creating characters for franchises like EA's MMA, NCAA, and Madden. He has an extensive knowledge of Maya, ZBrush and Photoshop.