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Illustration in ZBrush
Meats Meier

Meats Meirs shows his unique workflow for creating illustrations in ZBrush with an emphasis on photo integration.

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The 5 most important lessons:

  1. Understand the fundamentals of working in 3D and 2.5D
  2. Learn how to sculpt Meats iconic stylized figures.
  3. Gain a solid grasp using HDRI and environment probes in Zbrush.
  4. Learn how to sculpt organic forms and surfaces.
  5. Utilize FibeMesh for your illustrations.
Course Outline
Project 1 : Fundamentals Of Illustration In ZBrush
Learn the basics of working in 3 and 2.5D in ZBrush
6 Lectures
Lecture 4  29:31
Foundation Part 3
Lecture 5  30:30
Foundation Part 4
Lecture 6  23:46
M1 Questions and Answers
Project 2 : Sculpt Your First Prop PLUS Your First Photographic Integration
Learn how to make and integrate your own 3D design
5 Lectures
Lecture 1  27:33
Lecture 3  25:06
Lecture 4  31:00
Project Workflow
Lecture 5  14:56
M2 Questions and Answers
Project 3 : Fundamentals Of Sculpting Meats Meier Style Figures In ZBrush
Watch Meats sculpt in his own unique style
4 Lectures
Lecture 1  39:56
Figure 1
Lecture 2  44:16
Figure 2
Lecture 3  40:57
Figure Details
Lecture 4  10:32
M3 Questions and Answers
Project 4 : Using Materials In ZBrush
Learn how to use materials and MatCaps
4 Lectures
Lecture 1  29:09
Noise and Materials
Lecture 2  33:18
Lecture 3  44:24
LightCap and Rendering
Lecture 4  19:49
M4 Questions and Answers
Project 5 : Using HDRI And Environment Probes In ZBrush
Make your work look awesome with HDR Images
3 Lectures
Lecture 1  35:10
Environment Probe and Compositing Part 1
Lecture 2  50:31
Environment Probe and Compositing Part 2
Lecture 3  30:49
Environment Probe and Compositing Part 3
Project 6 : Generating Render Passes In ZBrush
Control your illustrations by using render passes
3 Lectures
Lecture 1  47:03
Render Pass Compositing Part 1
Lecture 2  40:50
Render Pass Compositing Part 2
Lecture 3  61:04
Render Pass Compositing Part 3
Project 7 : Sculpting Organic Surfaces In ZBrush
Meats demonstrates how to sculpt organic surfaces
3 Lectures
Lecture 1
Soft Body Modeling Part 1
Lecture 2  38:26
Soft Body Modeling Part 2
Lecture 3  46:18
Soft Body Modeling Part 3
Project 8 : Compositing And Rendering in ZBrush And Photoshop
Pulling your work together and making a final illustration
3 Lectures
Lecture 1  43:03
Compositing and Retopology Part 1
Lecture 2  43:03
Compositing and Retopology Part 2
Lecture 3  49:56
Compositing and Retopology Part 3
Project 9 : Retopology And UVs In ZBrush
Learn how to retopo and set up UVs in ZBrush
3 Lectures
Lecture 1
Retopology and UV Mapping Part 1
Lecture 2  48:57
Retopology and UV Mapping Part 2
Lecture 3  31:59
Retopology and UV Mapping Part 3
Project 10 : Using FiberMesh For Illustrations In ZBrush
Take your illustrations to the next level by using fibermesh
3 Lectures
Lecture 1  29:57
FiberMesh Part 1
Lecture 2  48:12
FiberMesh Part 2
Lecture 3  42:53
FiberMesh Part 3
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About the instructor

An award-winning digital artist, Meats' experience casts a wide net on a range of artistic fields. His past titles include: airbrush artist, lead artist at Beyond Games, a video game studio, and technical director/compositor at the Orphanage on such feature films as Hellboy and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. As a successful independent artist Meats’ artwork has been featured on the covers of numerous books, magazines, and web sites. He was honored with the prestigious “Maya Master” title by Alias at SIGGRAPH 2003. Lately his work can be seen in the music video world and stage visuals for bands such as Tool, Puscifer, Smashing Pumpkins and the recent Roger Waters "The Wall" live shows. To see work from Meats visit his website: