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Mech Kit Bashing
Kirill Chepizhko

This course explains Kirill Chepizhko's hard surface modeling workflow for creating concept art and exploring industrial design using Fusion 360, ZBrush, Keyshot, and Photoshop!

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In this 3 module course, Kirill Chepizhko will show you how to create interesting mechs, robots, and other hard surface models using a variety of workflows to help you master more than just one method of hard surface modeling.

The 5 most important lessons:

  1. Understanding Kirill's complete design workflow breakdown
  2. Introduction to the unconventional use of Fusion 360 and Autodesk for concept art, and exploring new ways for modeling hard surface
  3. A sophisticated approach to kitbashing and modeling parts that can be later re-used in other models
  4. Using ZBrush for assembling hard surface components
  5. How to import your model and setup a scene in Keyshot for those looking to get fast results without hours of UVing and texturing
Course Outline
Project 1 : Intro to Fusion 360 and Starting the Mech Kit
Kirill introduces you to Fusion 360 and begins constructing a joint for kitbashing in ZBrush.
5 Lectures
Lecture 1  23:07
Kitbashing Analysis And Preparing Reference
Lecture 2  20:28
Introduction To Fusion 360
Lecture 3  18:55
Modeling Joints Part 1
Lecture 4  22:05
Modeling Joints Part 2
Lecture 5
Course Downloads
Project 2 : Adding to the Mech Kit
Kirill Continues to add parts and details to his mech kit in Fusion 360.
5 Lectures
Lecture 1  24:11
Modeling Structural Pieces For The Exoskeleton Part 1
Lecture 2  35:42
Modeling Structural Pieces For The Exoskeleton Part 2
Lecture 3  27:44
Modeling The Spine For The Exoskeleton
Lecture 4  33:05
Modeling Additional Structural Pieces
Lecture 5  22:32
Exporting From Fusion Then Importing To Zbrush
Project 3 : Kitbashing in ZBrush, Rendering in Keyshot, and Comping in Photoshop
Kirill users his mech kit to kitbash an exoskeleton in ZBrush. Kirill renders in Keyshot and comps the final image in Photoshop.
5 Lectures
Lecture 1  28:47
Assembly In Zbrush Part 1
Lecture 2  28:47
Assembly In Zbrush Part 2
Lecture 3  23:50
Scene Setup In Keyshot
Lecture 4  20:34
Assigning Materials And Rendering Layers In Keyshot
Lecture 5  31:14
Post-Work In Photoshop
Project 4 : Mech Kit Bashing: Basics Of Zbrush 4R7 Hard Surface
6 Lectures
Lecture 1  15:42
Blocking Out A Piston
Lecture 2  11:19
Extruding And Modifying
Lecture 3  13:13
Finishing The Piston
Lecture 4  18:07
Creating Heat Vents
Lecture 5  24:06
Blocking Out The Head Part 1
Lecture 6  18:23
Blocking Out The Head Part 2
Project 5 : Critiques
3 Lectures
Lecture 1
Crit 1 Replay
Lecture 2
Crit 2 Replay
Lecture 3
Live Crit #3 - Feb 20th
Student Projects
Who should take this course?
This is an intermediate level course. As such, a basic understanding of 3D modeling is recommended.
Can I download the lectures?
Absolutely. You have lifetime access to all your course content, which includes both streaming and downloadable course video lectures.

About the instructor

Kirill Chepizhko is a digital artist who has been working in the entertainment and gaming industry since 2010 with an emphasis on concept art, visualization and look development. He works with both 2D and 3D resources and often combines them into his own unique blend. His usual pipeline includes working in Autodesk Fusion 360, Pixologic ZBrush, Luxion Keyshot and Adobe Photoshop.