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Military Mech Design
Ioannis Karathomas

Ionnis shows his hard surface workflow from Maya to ZBrush as he creates a massive tank.

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The 5 most important lessons:

  1. Learn how to blockout hardsurface pieces in Autodesk Maya.
  2. Effectively add realistic detail throughout your piece.
  3. Understand the importance and creation process of realistic assets.
  4. Learn how to maintain damage detail for a uniform look.
  5. Utilize Photoshop to further detail and present your project.
Course Outline
Project 1 : Military Mechs
Create a Military Mech Using Maya and ZBrush
32 Lectures
Lecture 2  12:52
Creating Aesthetic Pieces
Lecture 3  09:43
Implementing Realistic Attachments
Lecture 4  13:38
Constructing a Diverse Silhouette
Lecture 5  19:28
Adjusting Size and Volume
Lecture 6  09:31
Adding Detail for Side Panels
Lecture 7  25:24
Going Back for More Details
Lecture 8  26:28
Retouching Larger Geometry
Lecture 9  10:13
Finalizing the Tires
Lecture 10  26:40
Creating Rim Detail
Lecture 11  25:20
Attaching Interesting Designs
Lecture 12  26:36
Polishing Details
Lecture 13  21:47
Blocking Out the Last Designs
Lecture 14  07:00
Introduction to ZBrush
Lecture 15  04:44
First Display of Panel Loops for Detailing
Lecture 16  09:25
Adding Detail with Deformation
Lecture 17  17:25
Adding Wear and Tear
Lecture 18  13:19
Detailing the Cannon
Lecture 19  25:21
Creating a Variety of Detail
Lecture 20  05:37
Compromising with Geometry
Lecture 21  10:52
Building on Top of Concepts
Lecture 22  11:50
Creating Interesting Cuts in Detail
Lecture 23  19:34
Detailing the Breaks
Lecture 24  16:15
Keeping the Damage Treatment the Same
Lecture 25  13:08
Sketching New Detail
Lecture 26  13:00
Finalizing Large Details
Lecture 27  13:33
Detailing the Final Piece
Lecture 28  17:05
Creating One Last Asset
Lecture 29  23:18
Walking You Through Photoshop Detailing
Lecture 30  22:23
Adding Highlights and Color
Lecture 31  08:45
Adding Finer Painting Detail
Lecture 32  14:23
Adding Decals and Final Touches
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About the instructor

Ioannis is currently working at Zenimax online Studios as an environment and character artist developing the new next-gen mmo The Elder Scrolls Online. He has also worked at Blizzard Entertainment for the development of Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft. Working in those games, he gained experience of both in-game modeling and hi-res cinematics.