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Photo-Realistic Hair
Dani Garcia

Don't let hair be the one thing that throws away the realism of your characters! In this exclusive on-demand workshop, Dani Garcia will show you how to create incredibly realistic and believable hair of all textures, lengths, colors, and styles, including eyelashes and facial hair.

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The 5 most important lessons:

  1. Create a variety of hair styles using generation options and modifiers in 3DsMax.
  2. Understand complex layering techniques for a thicker look.
  3. Simply generate realistic eyelashes and eyebrows.
  4. Create simple, yet effective hair shader variations using Dani's techniques.
  5. Understand how to set up your render setting and produce a beautiful head of hair.
Course Outline
Project 1 : Creating Photo-Realistic Hair
20 Lectures
Lecture 1  22:46
Lecture 3  20:50
Creating Hair Extrusions
Lecture 4  21:27
Hair Generation Options
Lecture 5  19:11
Hair Modifiers Part 1
Lecture 6  20:45
Hair Modifiers Part 2
Lecture 7  18:29
Hair Modifiers Part 3
Lecture 8  20:20
Combining Modifiers
Lecture 9  21:43
Adding More Hair Layers
Lecture 10  21:37
Filling in the Back of the Head
Lecture 11  20:53
Adjusting the Material
Lecture 12  23:16
Setting Up For Render
Lecture 13  20:06
Creating Curly Hair
Lecture 14  09:48
Creating Wavy Hair
Lecture 15  22:14
Creating Short Hair
Lecture 16  20:24
Generating Eye Lashes Part 1
Lecture 17  20:51
Generating Eye Lashes Part 2
Lecture 18  17:58
Creating Eye Brows
Lecture 19  21:29
Generating Peach Fuzz
Lecture 20  01:24
Wrap Up
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About the instructor

Dani Garcia began his career as a freelance character artist in Barcelona. He worked for a couple of years at a video game company, working on Wii and PC games. Since finishing his work there, around 4 years ago, Dani has gone back to work as a freelancer, focusing primarily on hair creation. While creating hairstyles for dozens of characters and working for companies like Axis Animation, PlasticWax and Platige Image, Dani honed his artistic skills and mastered the art of creating hair for both stylized and photo-realistic characters. He is currently continuing his work as a freelance character and hair artist.