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Sci-Fi Creature Design for Games
Alvaro Buendia

Create dynamic and compelling creature designs for games using the same tools and techniques professional game artists use to design your favorite in-game beasts and monsters during this all new 10-week course with Alvaro Buendia!

Class starts May 9th at 10am PDT

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In this 10 Week course, Blizzard concept artist Alvaro Buendia will show you how to create dynamic and compelling creature designs using the same methods and techniques used at Blizzard. From beginning to end Alvaro walks you through every step in the process of creating creatures that have impact and wow factor.

The 5 most important lessons:

  1. How to productively brainstorm
  2. Integrating real world anatomy into fantasy creatures
  3. Techniques for speeding up the block out process in ZBrush
  4. Creating strong silhouettes and generating character appeal
  5. Professional presentation methods using photoshop and keyshot
Course Outline
Project 1 : Sci fi Creature Character Brainstorming
10 Lectures
Lecture 1
5/9 Full Session
Lecture 2  12:42
Pulling Ideas from References
Lecture 3  14:02
Move Brush & Snakehook to Shape the Silhouette
Lecture 4  12:33
Block out: Face, Pectorals & Back
Lecture 5  10:55
Adding Antennas & Checking the Silhouette
Lecture 6  17:10
InsertMeshing the Eyes & Wings
Lecture 7  20:53
Sculpting the Plating Details
Lecture 8  09:24
Refining the Face & Antennas
Lecture 9  25:05
Giving the Legs More Structure & Proportions
Lecture 10  22:42
Separating the Jaw with Polygroups & Questions
Project 2 : Reference and inspiration gathering
1 Lectures
Lecture 1
May 16th Full Session
Project 3 : Anatomy and silhouette block out
1 Lectures
Lecture 1
May 30th Full Session
Project 4 : Character personality and appeal
1 Lectures
Lecture 1
June 6th Full Session
Project 5 : Outfit blockout (Hard surface and Fabric)
1 Lectures
Lecture 1
June 13th Full Session
Project 6 : Polypainting and color palette planning
1 Lectures
Lecture 1
June 20th Full Session
Project 7 : Gestural Posing with Zbrush transpose
1 Lectures
Lecture 1
June 27th Full Session
Project 8 : Rendering in Keyshot
1 Lectures
Lecture 1
July 18th Full Session
Project 9 : Compositing renders in Photoshop for a final beauty image
1 Lectures
Lecture 1
July 25th Full Session
Student Projects
What are the requirements?
You will be connected to audio using your computer's microphone and speakers (VoIP). A headset is recommended. System Requirements: Windows(R) 8, 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server; Mac OS(R) X 10.6 or newer; iPhone(R), iPad(R), Android(TM) phone or Android tablet Read our Audio Checklist for tips on using your computer's microphone and speakers with GoToWebinar at
Who should take this course?
This is an intermediate level course. As such, a basic understanding of ZBrush is recommended.
What if I miss one of the live sessions?
No need to worry. We realize that not everyone is able to make it to a scheduled meeting with the instructor. That’s why we record all live sessions and post them on the course platform, along with all your other course materials. It’s all there for you to access whenever you like!
Can I download the lectures?
Absolutely. You have lifetime access to all your course content, which includes both streaming and downloadable course videos.

About the instructor

Alvaro currently works at Blizzard Entertainment's Cinematic Department, with contributions on many of Blizzard's cutting edge Cinematics, such as World of Warcraft's "Wrath of the Lich King", "Cataclysm", "Mists of Pandaria", Diablo 3, and Starcraft 2. He previously worked at the Orphanage on feature film titles, and has taught creature design at Gnomon School of Visual effects. Originally from Mexico, Alvaro adventured to Canada and graduated from the Vancouver Film School. He has been working in the film and video game industry ever since and is currently working on his own graphic novel using ZBrush to create a very unique look.