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Sculpting Pores and Skin
Brian Wade

Learn how to create realistic human skin textures using traditional sculpting techniques in ZBrush. Let legendary special effects artist, Brian Wade, show you how!

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The 5 most important lessons:

  1. Understand human skin variants through gender and age.
  2. Learn how to traditionally sculpt pores and skin with clay.
  3. How to create custom skin alphas from photos and by hand for realistic looks.
  4. Create surreal detail with simple, yet effects tools to speed up your workflow.
  5. Understand Brian Wade's effect detailing techniques to create highly realistic skin and pores.
Course Outline
Project 1 : Introduction to Skin and Pores
7 Lectures
Lecture 1
Course Resourses
Lecture 4  08:30
Studying Reference
Lecture 5  10:23
Practicing Fundementals
Lecture 6  08:31
Exploring Variants in Human Skin
Lecture 7  10:57
Technique Breakdown
Project 2 : Pore Sculpting Techniques in Clay
8 Lectures
Lecture 1  19:07
Introduction to Tools and Basic Techniques
Lecture 2  16:16
Creating Believable Skin Texture
Lecture 3  15:04
Texturing the Forehead and Brow Part 1
Lecture 4  17:02
Texturing the Forehead and Brow Part 2
Lecture 5  18:54
Texturing the Lips
Lecture 6  21:22
Texturing the Side of the Face
Lecture 7  08:10
Texturing Around the Eyes
Lecture 8  19:01
Texturing the Neck
Project 3 : Using Alphas to Sculpt Pores in ZBrush
6 Lectures
Lecture 1  10:02
Making Alphas From Photos: Male Forehead
Lecture 2  10:12
Making Alphas From Photos: Male Side of the Face
Lecture 3  17:17
Making Alphas From Photos:Male Lower Lip and Chin
Lecture 4  25:35
Hand Painting Alphas: Male Pores
Lecture 5  28:48
Final Touches Using the Damien Standard Brush
Lecture 6  13:33
Creating Alphas From Photos: Skin Patches
Project 4 : Sculpting Pores on a Female in ZBrush and Advanced Detailing
7 Lectures
Lecture 1  20:04
Creating Alphas From Photos: Female Skin
Lecture 2  48:22
Sculpting an Elderly Female Face
Lecture 3  26:45
Hand Painting Alphas: Female Forehead
Lecture 4  15:21
Adding Details With the Damien Standard Brush
Lecture 5  17:31
Final Touches With the Damien Standard Brush
Lecture 6  11:40
Bonus: Raphael Boyon - Detailing Techniques
Lecture 7  05:00
Bonus: Raphael Boyon - Detailing in Action
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About the instructor

Brian Wade is an Emmy Award winning Special Makeup Effects Artist with over 33 years of experience designing characters and creatures for film and television, including the title character of the film, Stuart Little. He has also co-created several large-scale sculptures and promotional displays for the video game industry, and assisted in the creation of the Men In Black theme park ride at Universal Studios in Orlando, including design work for the world’s largest animatronic. With over 115 credits on some of the greatest film and TV projects of the past three decades, Brian has solidified himself as a true industry legend.