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Structure of Man Overview
Sabin Howard

Learn the major anatomical landmarks, as well as how to set up your figure

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What You Will Learn

In this Project, Sabin Howard will teach you the major anatomical landmarks, as well as how to set up your figure
Course Outline
Project 1 : Structure of Man Overview
8 Lectures | 1 Assignment
Lecture 2  26:28
How to set up the Figure
Lecture 3  28:12
Proportional System
Lecture 4  33:48
Lecture 5  21:33
Back and Chest
Lecture 6  20:43
Lecture 7  26:26
Lecture 8  21:41
Figure to Ground Relationship
Assignment #1: Create a Male and a Female Proportion Diagram
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About the instructor

Sabin Howard grew up in New York City and in Torino, Italy. He studied art at the Philadelphia College of Art and then earned his MFA from the New York Academy of Art. For twenty years, he taught at the graduate and undergraduate levels. He has been elected to the board of the National Sculpture Society. He has received numerous commissions and has showed his work at more than fifty solo and group shows. After 45,000 hours of working from life models in the studio, he is the creator of three heroic scale pieces, HERMES, APHRODITE, and APOLLO, as well as many smaller pieces. His works are owned by museums and private collectors all over the world, and they have been favorable reviewed by The New York Times, American Artist, Fine Arts Connoisseur, American Arts Collector, and The New Criterion, as well as several foreign journals. He is the author of the book THE ART OF LIFE with his wife author Traci L. Slatton.