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The Posed Male Figure: Sculpting The Arm, Shoulder And Hair In ZBrush
Steve Lord

Finish the leg and define the arm, shoulder and hair.

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What You Will Learn

In this Project, you will finish the leg of your posed male figure in ZBrush and more clearly define the arm, shoulders and hair.
Course Outline
Project 1 : The Posed Male Figure: Sculpting The Arm, Shoulder And Hair In ZBrush
9 Lectures | 1 Assignment
Lecture 1  12:07
Returning to the Knee
Lecture 2  08:32
The Knee Continued
Lecture 3  13:38
Refining the Inner Thigh
Lecture 4  13:42
Analyzing Elbow Reference
Lecture 5  20:51
Defining the Elbow and Forearm
Lecture 6  10:28
Sculpting the Bicep and Right Forearm
Lecture 7  14:08
Sculpting the Deltoid and Left Upper Arm
Lecture 8  20:13
Full Arm Demo and Hair Block In
Lecture 9  11:48
Refining the Hair
Assignment 7: Finish the Legs and Begin the Arms
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About the instructor

Steve Lord is an award winning artist, and has been sculpting professionally since the age of 19. He has done work for Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, Rhythm and Hues, Odd World Inhabitants and Frank Frazetta just to name a few. His work spans from public commissions, collectable companies, video games, and even fine art. He is a winner of the National Sculpture Society competition for young sculptors. He attended CalArts for animation and has apprenticed with renowned artists Dennis Anderson, Martine Vaugel and Don Gale . He currently works for McFarlane Toys creating highly realistic collectable figures. His passion extends to figurative sculpture, focusing on animals, drapery and human anatomy.