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Norn Heavy WIP

3 years ago

Thanks Nate. I've gotten some feedback from some other friends on the feet needing to match the pose so i'll definitely keep that in mind.

As far as the second part goes. I don't have a rig or timeline, I have been making frequent copies of the file though so I could backtrack. I'm still learning as I go with the process of making this all work. My thinking was to get the final pose established and all the pieces modeled to that before I dove into retopologizing it all, since I wanted the final piece to be posed in a dynamic way and not just A or T-Posed.

But yeah definitely feel like i've been a bit stuck and spinning my tires in the current phase of this model. I think I need to sit down and watch more of the videos and plan out how to push forward again.

I like the pose :) The way her upper body is leaning, I would expect to see her weight shifted more to her right foot, in an contraposto-like pose. Right now it looks like her weight is evenly distributed. Also, be careful about posing if you still plan on changing proportions or adding detail to anything. Unless you've got a time line and/or rig set up where you will be able to take it back to the t pose when you need it