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Palm Tree - V.2 Fixed Leaves

2 years ago

@Paul, Thanks, I'll adjust the base leaf to make the length of the edges a little more rounded from tip to tip and drop them down a touch, looking at more reference I think I will also make it slightly narrower. As far as the actual stem, the profile is currently kind of oval shape, but I will scale the top edges in a bit to give it a little more of that triangular shape. Living in Ohio this is definitely the longest time I've spent staring at a palm tree lol, but the next time I have to do a model similar to this at least I will have some practice! =)

@Ruben, Thanks a lot! Once I get the branches blocked out and ready for the next step I will definitely use your advice. I've been redoing the branches so many times that I am actually really excited to start using soft select so give a little character and uniqueness to each leaf and branch. Then the really fun part, working on creating the crazy palm tree trunk texture. Thanks again.

looks good. . . I might say the leaves have a lot of repetitions. Try to scale some, rotate some, so the dispersion and randomness could get rid of that patterned sensation. .. good job by the way

I'd make the edges droop rounder at the edges. Also the middle stem I hope its not round It should be sort of triangular flat on top longer at the bottom a reverse pyramid. It gives it strength as well as more visual variety in various angles.

I ended up deleting all the branches from my first palm tree and completely redid the leaves to try and get that natural "V" shape. Since I was pretty much starting over I also noticed how all of the branches seem to originate from the same area at the top of the trunk, also where the coconuts will eventually be if I can get this guy to that point. I definitely want to get the "go ahead" at this block in stage before I start really digging in on the texture detail. Thanks so much for the tips, I'm still ready to scrap it and improve if you have any more suggestions? Also the new "master branch" on the right is before any bend deformers or rotations were applied to the leaves and branches. Thanks again. =)