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Getting it into Unreal 4

3 years ago

Thanks, Gabriel / Matthieu. Looks like its not a snapping issue with the GEO, but maybe something funky is going on with my materials. Gonna ignore it for now and come back to it in the polish pass.

Very very annoying thing, indeed, I hope it was addressed in v.4.5. Didn't check since...

Yup, I'm joining Gabriel on this topic. I had the same too. "Just" make your assets fit a decimal grid, and it's no longer a problem. Even with power-of-two grid, snapping doesn't match, even with a properly set up modeler...

Hi Armando, Looking Great so far.

About your tiling not lining up. Are you working on multiples of 2 or base 10 in Maya? By default I think that UE4 uses base 10, but you can change that over to be powers of 2 in the preferences.

D'oh!!! Meant to say geo & reflections test...not geo & lighting pass.