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Palm Tree - Basic Form

2 years ago

V shape is exactly the shape that is the strongest for the least amount of material. Its a V, but 2 arcs

Thanks Paul. Yeah I've been looking through the variations of palm trees and the leaves are so crazy looking with that V-shape they almost look plastic. I'll add that in to the leaves of the master branch and replace the existing branches. Thanks for the tip!

each leaf on the side is too flat, it needs to have a V shaped profile and have an arc curve instead of flat.

Still trying to get down an efficient system to quickly create varying palm branches. I've kind of settled on having one straight "master branch" with just minor variation in the leaves, then duplicate it and bend it as needed before putting it on the tree. Once all the branches are in place I will go in and move around each leave to give it more natural randomness, then bring it in to ZBrush to start texturing. Just want to make sure I'm happy with the base before I start detailing. All suggestions and critiques are very much welcomed! =)