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Pharaoh Hound Skin 01

2 years ago

Hey Paul, thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure I quite understand what you mean by stops and gos round the abs? Do you mean get more definition where the muscles attach and interlink with the ribs?

also depending on your reference maybe adjust the nose bridge

its looking really good. the parts that I think can use some work is the back knee , the back paw around last bend it looks a bit gummy. the muscles on the body feel natural. I think I'd like to see some more stops and gos around where the ribs meet the ab muscles, and where the ribs turn into back muscle. right now its a bit too stream line. front paws look good, in the pit of the bicep maybe a soter transition. I'm really

digging the ears.

Update on my hound. I've tried to address everything from the crit last week, Started softening the muscles and adding skin, legs are a bit of a headache at the minute. I think the main thing I'm struggling with (and I'm sure it shows) is trying to work out just how much muscle definition to leave in there.

Also I'd just like to say this is such a good exercise. I've learned way more about animal anatomy than I ever would have using my normal approach!