Siberian_Tiger_Echorche_Wip_02 | UArtsy


2 years ago

From my side... I'm using the same book and few google references. Now I'll use pinterest images as well. Thanks for share it. I've found great images there.

I can't wait to see your tiger done!

Hey thanks man, still trying to push it out. I am using the Atlas Animal Anatomy for Artists and some images I found on Pinterest : and what ever pics I could grab from google. I found more Lion reference and tried to tweak to match the Tiger as much as I can. Your side?

Hey Clayton! It looks great man! Have you found good references for this project? I've been having hard times in order to figure out some details due to lack references (different angles from the same model)...

looks like the legs have some power keep going

Started to block out the muscles while keeping the pieces separate as much as I can. Takes a little longer to get all those detailed tendons and smaller muscles in this base shape phase wow...please let me know what you guys think so far. Thanks!