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Artists Are Made, Not Born.

Today's world of art is undergoing a level of technological change that hasn't been seen since the Renaissance and this has created a unique opportunity for the artist. By embracing the technological possibilities along side the traditional skills of the old masters, today's artists have the opportunity to create a new world of art to surpass all the arts before us. That is the vision of Ryan Kingslien and the goal we strive to make possible for artists across the globe.

  • Ryan Kingslien Leader

    As the first Product Manager for ZBrush, Ryan worked with programmers and artists to fuse traditional and digital art processes, and helped integrate ZBrush into industry pipelines. Today, he’s teaching the world to sculpt with his company, YouSculpt LLC.

  • Sonia Prasad Kingslien Leader

    After spending time as a project manager on urban design projects, Sonia co-founded YouSculpt LLC and took on the role of COO for the growing company. When she’s not hard at work, Sonia likes to stay sharp by watching Little Einstein with her kids.

  • Nate Portner Development

    Nate began his career in politics, but soon decided to pursue the luxurious life of an artist instead. He graduated from the LA Film School, and now works for YouSculpt LLC managing curriculum development, artist relations, and student support.

  • Laura Portner Marketing

    With an MFA in Creative Writing, Laura moved to LA, where she spent time in television and games before joining YouSculpt LLC as their resident marketing genius. While there, she invented the glorious concept of Beach Mondays.

  • Himanshu Pant Development

    Open source freak and a tech enthusiast, Himanshu takes care of web projects management and technical support at YouSculpt.

  • Artist Focused Learning Platform

    We work with the best artists to create a unique learning experience for artists across the globe. Our ever-expanding range of partners gives you the flexibility to choose the training that best fits you, your interests, and your budget. We host programs for artists of all skill levels and will gladly help you select the best path for your individual goals. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.

    Build Your Portfolio

    Put what you learn into practice and build your portfolio online with our signature project-based training. Now you can easily upload your creations to our course platform and share your work with the world!

    Professional Instructors

    Each of our top notch instructors are also active working professionals willing to give you invaluable insight into what you really need to know to be a successful artist in even the most competitive industries.

    Community Support System

    As part of our lively course communities, you’ll have full support 24/7 from your instructors, mentors, classmates, and our dedicated support team. Anytime you feel stuck, confused, frustrated, or even if you just want a little extra encouragement, we’ve got your back 100%.

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    The UArtsy platform works flawlessly
    on all devices, meaning you can take your training with you wherever you go!

    We’ve Helped Artists Just Like You...

    Like many people I searched the web for tutorials and I saw amazing work being done in Zbrush. I just had to learn Zbrush. It does not take long for any one who is looking for tutorials to find out about Zbrushworkshops or Ryan Kingslien. Ryan has inspired me to take a path which I would not have taken if it was not for him.

    I've been working my but of to try to learn ZBrush. I started out in October/November last year with the help of ZBrushWorkshops, I'm at this point now. I got to give credit to Ryan Kingslien for giving me the opportunity to learn from the best.
    Thanks Ryan.