Artistic Anatomy with Eric Wilson


10 week live, online skill-focused training for artists

In this course you’ll work directly with Eric Wilson to improve your anatomy and learn the anatomy lessons that everyone else skips.  This is a live 10 week master class with weekly live broadcasts where he gives you demonstrations, reviews your work, and answers your questions.  You’ll spend around six to nine hours a week sculpting and resculpting your work and going through the exercises assigned.

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What you'll learn

Even with just a beginners level of understanding, Eric will guide you to focus on the essential morphology and artistic anatomy principles inside of ZBrush that will make an immediate difference in your work. The key, you’ll learn, is to focus on morphology more than the actual insertions and origins of muscles.  To see the big shapes and be able to move those big shapes to help you create dynamic figures.

Estimated time for course work: 8-10 hours per week

Skill Level:  Intermediate

Course Format:  Standard

Duration:  10 Weeks + 2 Weeks Of Access
Lecture Type:  Live weekly
Assignment:  Deadlines each week
Feedback:  Live weekly

By the end of the course, you'll:

How to break the figure up into simple shapes

How to map out the anatomy of complex areas like the forearm

How to use basic shapes to create dynamic and powerful poses

What anatomy you need to know and what you don’t


Life as a Skill Track student

This course is what we call a Skill Track. That means, you work closely with an expert in the field who demonstrates the tools, workflows, techniques that you'll need to know to excel as an artist?

Skill Focused

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About your Instructor

Eric Wilson


Eric has worked on some of the world’s best anatomical figures serving as reference for artists. He has taught many artistic anatomy workshops to professional artists including some from Industrial Light and Magic, Pixar, and many other studios.





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