Character Art:

Digital Sculpting

with Raul Latorre

CLASS BEGINS: May 5th 2018 | 10 AM (PST)

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10 week live, online skill-focused training for artists

To succeed as a digital sculptor, it's important to refine and build your sculpting knowledge using the tools at your disposal to enhance yourself as a sculptor and character artist.

In this course, Raul Garcia Latorre focuses on the sculpting part of digital sculpting. He shows you how to use ZBrush and other digital sculpting software in a simple way to amplify and develop your personal sculpting style. The emphasis in this course is less on sculpting digitally and much more on the art of digital sculpting.

This Digital Sculpting course will consist of ten weeks of LIVE demonstrations and reviews. You'll learn core game artist skills and join a community of artists all working to achieve next level quality in their work.

Most importantly, you'll focus on developing yourself as a sculptor in a digital context to create a portfolio ready character that will impress.


What you'll learn

In this course, students will refine and refresh their sculpting skills using ZBrush in a simple way to enhance themselves as artists. The course will focus on personal sculpting styles, hierarchy of forms, sculpting physics, composition, anatomy and dress. The course will help students better understand sculpting skills and techniques, as well as how digital sculptors, character artists and game designers fit into the workflow pipeline.

Estimated time for course work: 8-10 hours per week

Skill Level: Intermediate

Course Format: Standard

Duration: 10 Weeks + 2 Weeks Of Access
Lecture Type: Live weekly
Assignment: Deadlines each week.
Feedback: Live weekly

By the end of the course, you'll:

Know how to apply ZBrush with a light touch to enhance your digital sculptures.

Know how to apply traditional sculpting knowledge to your digital sculptures.

Have refreshed and refined your fundamental knowledge of sculpting to enhance the artistry of your characters.

Have identified and developed your personal style as a sculptor.


Build a portfolio of real-world projects


This course is perfect for:

  • Traditional sculptors who want to transition into digital sculpting
  • Digital sculptors who want to refresh their foundational sculpting knowledge
  • Experienced sculptors who want to enhance their skill set and add to their portfolio while receiving professional feedback along the way

This course is the best way to create a real portfolio while getting started as a digital sculptor. Working with one of the top working professionals in the industry, you'll build your own digital sculpture using ZBrush. Don't know what this is? Your mentor will teach you 1-on-1. You'll graduate with an enhanced portfolio and an active ArtStation profile.

Digital Sculpting In The Traditional Way

One of the most important parts of Raul's class is that you'll be learning to sculpt and think about sculpture the way that artists have for centuries. Join us today!

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Our Industry-Standard curriculum is built together with today's best artists to bring you the highest quality training possible. Achieve your dreams, today.


From Traditional Sculpting to ZBrush
  • Power of ZBrush / How ZBrush enhances you as a sculptor
  • Why ZBrush?
  • Course overview


Basics of Sculpture Applied to ZBrush
  • Foundations of sculpture
  • Why sculpting basics are so important
  • How to apply foundations into ZBrush


The Sculpting
  • What it is and the keys for each style
  • Finding your style as sculptor
  • Realistic, cartoon, personal, combos


Hierarchy of Forms
  • What it is and the keys for each style
  • Big and medium forms
  • Small forms and details


Physics Applied to Digital Sculpting
  • Understanding the "physic" part of the sculpture
  • Volume
  • Weight


  • Geometries and angles
  • Filling the space
  • The environment


  • Understanding how bones and muscles work
  • Head and face
  • Proportion


Posing the Figure
  • Dynamic and static poses in ZBrush
  • Balance
  • Body language

WEEK 9 & 10

Clothes, Equipment, Weapons, Groundwork
  • How fabrics work, wrinkle, bend to look natural
  • Dressing the figure / Patterns, fashion, looks
  • ZModeler as friend / Using textures, IMM brushes


Life as a Skill Track student

This course is what we call a Skill Track. That means, you work closely with an expert in the field who demonstrates the tools, workflows, techniques that you'll need to know to excel as an artist?

Skill Focused

Skill Tracks rely heavily on lectures and demonstrations whereas Bootcamps & Career Tracks focus primarily on you and your work.

Flexible Commitment

Are you just looking to pick up a skill? Just want to learn how an artist works?  If so, then Skill Tracks are the perfect solution.

Live Weekly Meetings

Stay connected! Yes, we're ONLINE but you meet with your instructor every week to learn new skills.

Pick Up New Software Skills

Want to pick up the software skills you need to thrive in a Bootcamp or on-the-job?  Skill Tracks are a great way to achieve this.

Your first day

Meet your mentor, access the curriculum, and join a community of 3000+ students and mentors on the Artist Awake workplace. At GAI, the relationships you form with your mentor and peers help you learn faster.

During the course

Create more. Each course is focused around projects to emulate real work and industry-recognised workflow pipelines. And if you get stuck, ask your mentor.

Graduate on your schedule

Every GAI course is self-paced so there's no need to quit your job. Typically, students finish a Skill Track in 10-12 weeks with an expanded personal portfolio. All graduates receive lifetime access to the Artist Awake network and community.

About your Instructor

Raul Garcia Latorre

Raul lives and works as a freelance traditional/digital sculptor in the south of Spain.

He started his professional career when he was very young, growing from painting his models to creating and sculpting his own figures. He was a traditional sculptor for almost 20 years, working for most of the companies in the miniature figure industry. He moved to digital sculpting in 2015, realizing digital is a standard in most industries. He is currently working in collectibles statues, but is always open to new fields.

He has founded his own miniatures companies, Latorre Models, Enigma Miniatures and, most recently, Mproyec, where he gladly does what he wants.


A Small Peak At Raul's Process

In this video, Raul demonstrates his Maquette approach to sculpting using ZBrush's powerful toolset.






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